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Ad Delivery Solutions provides Internet publishers, networks and marketers with hosted (ASP) ad serving accounts for banner, text, rich media and e-mail ad serving.  For video ad serving accounts, click hereOur custom ad servers are built on fully open-source systems using either:

Along with ADS ad serving comes an experienced team of system administrators, customer support and account management.  We take the hassle out of running ad serving technology so that you can focus on ad sales and the bottom line.


A hosted ADS ad serving account on a shared server (not including video ad serving) has the following pricing and features:

  • $100 one-time set-up fee.
  • Monthly cost is based on volume of ad impressions served*.
  • Free training and user support.
  • Free page tagging and deployment assistance.
  • Ad server bandwidth and content delivery network (CDN) is included in the ad serving fee.***
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) is included.****

Delivery Volume 


To Purchase 


Fewer than 500,000 ad impressions/month 


$85 per month fixed-price


500,001 - 1 million ad impressions/month 

$0.17 CPM* 



ADS Professional Account

$100 set-up fee**

1 - 2.5 million ad impressions/month 

$0.15 CPM 

2.5 - 5 million ad impressions/month 

$0.13 CPM 

5 - 10 million ad impressions/month 

$0.11 CPM 

10 - 20 million ad impressions/month 

$0.10 CPM 

20 - 30 million ad impressions/month 

$0.09 CPM 

30 - 40 million ad impressions/month 

$0.08 CPM 

 More than 40 million ad impressions/month 


Enterprise Account

*CPM = Cost per thousand ad impressions. Pricing is for a hosted ad serving account on a shared ad server and does not include delivery of video advertising.  ADS also provides custom turn-key dedicated (non-shared) ad servers and video ad servers, or an ADS ad server can be installed and managed on client machines

**Signature of ADS ad serving agreement is also required.

***ADS has a partnership with a high-performance third-party content delivery network (CDN) to ensure that your rich media assets, Flash ads and banner ad downloads are fast, from multiple worldwide sources.

****The SLA guarantees an ad server uptime of 99.9% and specific ad server response times.  SLA monitoring, reporting and enforcement is provided by an independent third-party technology provider.  If SLA terms are not met, ADS clients receive a reduction in monthly ad serving fees, based on the third-party reporting and the terms of the SLA. 

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